COVID Updates

COVID Update – 11th March 2021

Contact registers at external venues

Particular businesses and venues are required to maintain contact registers for the WA Department of Health COVID-19 contact tracing. School premises are not required to maintain a contact register, however, they may choose to do so.

If a school is hiring an external venue for events such as a community hall or function centre that falls within the scope of businesses/venues required to maintain a contact register, the school must comply with the COVIDSafe Plan of the business/venue.

However, contact details are only required for people aged 16 years or over, therefore students under 16 years of age are not required to give their details but are encouraged to give their contact details.

Controlled interstate border arrangements
WA is currently in a controlled interstate border arrangement with other States and Territories. As at 23 February, travellers from New South Wales, ACT, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania are currently considered ‘very low risk’ and do not have to self-quarantine unless instructed to do so.

As of 12.01am Monday, 15 March 2021, Victoria will transition from the ‘low risk’ to the ‘very low risk’ category, pending no further outbreaks. This means travellers from Victoria will no longer be required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival into WA.

Close contacts of a person in self-quarantine

As per current Health advice, close contacts of a person in self-quarantine (due to testing for COVID-19 or travel) are still able to go to work or school. However, if the person in quarantine becomes symptomatic and requires testing during the 14 days of self-quarantine, their close contacts may need to self-quarantine once the results of the person’s COVID-19 test is known. If the person’s test result is positive for COVID-19, the close contact will be contacted by the Public Health Unit if they need to self-quarantine.

COVID Update – 12th February 2021

Further to Premier Mark McGowan’s press conference this afternoon, based on the latest health advice and pending no new local cases, from 12:01am Sunday 14th February, the transitional restrictions will come to an end and we will revert back to where we were on the 30th of January. This means the wearing of masks will no longer be compulsory as of Sunday 14 February. I know we will all be happy walking in to school Monday morning without those masks!

COVID Update – 5th February 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

The Perth, Peel and South-West 5-day lockdown will end as planned at 6pm tonight, Friday 5 February, pending no further local cases.

Under the post-lockdown transition measures, Perth and Peel schools will start from Monday 8 February, with the mandatory mask rule applying to all school staff and secondary students, including Year 7 students under the age of 12.

The expectation is that all students are required to bring their own mask.

All parents who wish to enter school grounds must also wear a mask.

If your child has a medical condition that affects their ability to wear a mask please email We will action these emails when College staff return on Monday and follow up with parents on a case-by-case basis where required.

As any new information is made available, we will be in touch.

We look forward to welcoming all students on Monday.

Kind regards
Paul Bottcher

COVID Update – 5th February 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

By now you would have heard that schools are scheduled to return on Monday 8 February. This is good news and we are looking forward to welcoming back our students for the start of the 2021 school year.

Current direction requires that all staff and students in all Secondary Schools in the Perth Metropolitan and Peel Regions are required to wear a mask for the week. Staff are permitted to remove their mask while undertaking instruction and/or teaching.

To provide a further update on my earlier communication, Canning Vale College has now been supplied with some masks, however, we are asking that if your child/ren have their own please ensure that they wear it upon leaving home/travelling to, or arrival at the College, as is required under Government directions for the Perth Metropolitan and Peel Regions. Where required we will complete a controlled distribution to those who have been unable to secure their own supplies.

Parents are reminded, that if you need to come to the College you are required to report to Administration, wearing a mask, where you will be welcomed and assisted by our staff.

To start the morning, students should arrive by 8:45am and head to their year group assemblies (refer to map here), meet their Year Level Managers, Coordinators and teachers to have their timetables issued.

All students will be in classes as of Session 1 and a normal timetable will operate immediately.

The College Café will be fully operational as will all other facilities within the College.

As was the case last year all students are to be reminded to practice good hand hygiene and students are encouraged to bring water bottles to fill rather than drinking directly from the water fountains.

I look forward to welcoming back our continuing students and those starting at Canning Vale College for the first time.

Kind regards
Paul Bottcher

COVID Update – 31st January 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

Following the press conference from Premier Mark McGowan earlier today, the Perth, Peel and the South West region will go into a five-day lockdown from 6pm tonight, Sunday 31st January 2021 after a positive COVID-19 result in the community.

Schools, which were due to be re-opened tomorrow, will now remain closed for another week. To confirm, Canning Vale College will be closed for all students for the week of Monday 1st February to Friday 5th February 2021. It is, in effect, an extension of the school holidays.

Any further updates will be provided as further information is made available to us.

Kind regards
Paul Bottcher