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Canning Vale College - COVID-19 Latest Update

COVID-19 Latest Update

30th March 2020

Dear parents

In the absence of any update from the Department of Education at this point in time today, I am resending an updated version of last week’s letter.

Last week the Premier announced whilst all public schools will remain open until the end of term, families are strongly encouraged to keep their children at home if they have the capacity to do so.

I would like to share with you what this will mean for the Canning Vale College community now that we have a clearer indication of student attendance:

Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April (Week 9)

 All children who attend school will be supervised as normal, and access to online lessons and other resources will be facilitated, however, classes in Year 7 – 12 have been collapsed due to significantly decreased student attendance (54 students or 3.68%) at 8:50am today). The State Government has encouraged families to keep their children at home, if they can access the online or other resources for their education to continue.

Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April – Final week of Term (Week 10)

Students who need to attend will be supervised, but not taught. Online learning will be supported in a venue / venues around the college. These days are being used for Staff Professional Learning and final preparation for Term 2 Online Curriculum delivery.  Teachers and education assistants will be preparing teaching programs, materials and online resources for Term 2.

Term 2 – commencing Tuesday 28 April

At this stage, arrangements for Term 2 have not been finalised. The State Government is working on developing a longer term education model for Term 2 and beyond in response to COVID-19. Education will be “open”, however, Schools (Bricks and Mortar) may be closed.

Please be assured that when I receive further information I will provide details to you as soon as I can (via Connect).

Please ensure we have your updated and correct email addresses and mobile phone numbers as soon as possible. Communication avenues are essential and Connect is linked to correct email addresses. At times, when urgent contact is required, we will also use text messaging. Correct mobile numbers are, again, essential.

We are working to ensure that, even though the College buildings and gates may be closed at some point in time, Education is open, Education continues to occur.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation during this unprecedented situation. I look forward to seeing you all when we return to normal again.

Kind regards
Paul Bottcher

30th March 2020

The College Café will temporarily cease operating after Lunch this Friday 27th March.
This is not a Health response, but rather a response to the small number of students attending, difficulty in sourcing supplies and the financial losses that will be faced by the business with continued operation. Please plan to be sending your students with lunches, snacks and a refillable drink bottle as of Monday 30th March.  We thank Roger and his staff and look forward to their return when things return to normal.

CVC Specific COVID-19 Incident Plan Responses

The College Executive Team have put in place specific responses to manage social distancing, visitor access and group situations. Please see the list of points below. These actions are designed to limit social contact on the College site in order to protect all students and staff. We apologise for any inconvenience but these measures are in the interests of Public Health and Safety.

  • Parent Meetings with Staff and Students – essential meetings only will occur with prior approval of an Associate Principal.
  • Parent Morning Drop off – no drop off on site please, use the ‘Kiss and Drive’ bays on Dumbarton and Boardman Roads, or drop of along Comrie Road or in Ponderosa Loop.
  • Early student Pick up – Parents to wait outside Student Engagement and Support entry and call 9334 9026.
  • End of Day Pick up – Please display courtesy, reduce speed and use the ‘Kiss and Drive’ bays on Dumbarton and Boardman Roads, or drop of along Comrie Road or in Ponderosa Loop.
  • Payments of Contributions and Charges – We request that parents/carers use the online payment option provided on your invoice or, call the College on 9334 0000 to complete a manual credit card transaction over the phone.
  • Late Drop off – Parents please SMS 0400 213 039 and drop off student out the front of Student Engagement and Support.
  • Visitors – No visitors are to be allowed on site unless for essential services.
  • Tradespeople – only access will be for O S & H Maintenance or ‘W.A. Govt. Stimulus’ Maintenance.
  • Enrolments – We are requesting that all enrolments are delivered to the Administration foyer and placed in the box provided. We will process and then call parents/carers if we need to clarify or obtain additional information.

Latest News
The Premier has announced the establishment of a WAPOL enforcement group and introduction of urgent legislation into parliament relating to self-isolations and mass gatherings.

WA travel
On 27 March 2020 the State Government announced that travel between Western Australian regions will be restricted from midnight Tuesday 31 March 2020. 

GATE Testing
GATE testing has been postponed. Parents have been informed and students will be provided an alternative assessment opportunity in the future.

Child and Adolescent Health Services
The Child and Adolescent Health Services (CAHS) has advised the Department of Education of the suspension of services to schools from 30 March until further notice. Services to be suspended include:
• School Entry Health Assessments Program
• Aboriginal Ear Health Assessment Team
• School based Immunisation Program
• Community health parenting groups, Triple P groups and seminars.

Many organisations have staff working from home due to COVID-19. This is having a major impact on the performance and reliability of telecommunications across the country.
Over the last few days, there has been
• 4 times more demand for Connect
• almost 10 times the normal use of the public website
• a tripling of Ikon use.

In response, ICT has
• more than tripled the capacity of the Connect servers
• significantly increased resources for the public website (for Learning From Home resources) and Ikon.

Further increases are under way, but the level of demand in such a short period presents an unprecedented challenge. We are also reliant on external telecommunications services to connect and deliver services to our schools, students and staff.
For students and staff studying or working from home, this means that they may
• need to allow more time to perform a task
• have trouble connecting to some services
• see short delays in email delivery and even congestion of phone calls on the mobile network.

While the telecommunications companies and NBNCo are taking steps to minimise impact on the network, this is a unique and global issue with many challenges. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Student Wellbeing website

Given the extensive media coverage, some children are already aware of the impact of the virus and will pick up on the concerns and anxiety of others. This could be through listening and observing what is happening online, at home and school.

The Learning at home website provides advice and resources for parents and carers, educators and students. This includes a wide range of resources and information related to the impact of COVID-19 on students’ health and wellbeing and the impact on families. It also includes vital information for schools to understand how they can best support students and families to access services and information. The website will continue to be updated over the coming weeks.

Parent support

The following information is provided by Headspace, a free, confidential service for young people aged 12-25 who may need support for their mental health and wellbeing. This information is for young people affected by stress related to Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Share with your young person tips to maintain a healthy headspace during this time.

Support and advice

Further information is available at or the healthdirect helpline on 1800 020 080 for more information on the virus and its symptoms.

Information for parents and schools
Advice for schools about self-isolation requirements

Students need to be strictly reminded that the issue of the virus is serious and everyone needs to cooperate.

The Department of Health has a snapshot on the current situation in Western Australia here. 

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