Contact registers at external venues

Particular businesses and venues are required to maintain contact registers for the WA Department of Health COVID-19 contact tracing. School premises are not required to maintain a contact register, however, they may choose to do so.

If a school is hiring an external venue for events such as a community hall or function centre that falls within the scope of businesses/venues required to maintain a contact register, the school must comply with the COVIDSafe Plan of the business/venue.

However, contact details are only required for people aged 16 years or over, therefore students under 16 years of age are not required to give their details but are encouraged to give their contact details.

Controlled interstate border arrangements
WA is currently in a controlled interstate border arrangement with other States and Territories. As at 23 February, travellers from New South Wales, ACT, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania are currently considered ‘very low risk’ and do not have to self-quarantine unless instructed to do so.

As of 12.01am Monday, 15 March 2021, Victoria will transition from the ‘low risk’ to the ‘very low risk’ category, pending no further outbreaks. This means travellers from Victoria will no longer be required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival into WA.

Close contacts of a person in self-quarantine

As per current Health advice, close contacts of a person in self-quarantine (due to testing for COVID-19 or travel) are still able to go to work or school. However, if the person in quarantine becomes symptomatic and requires testing during the 14 days of self-quarantine, their close contacts may need to self-quarantine once the results of the person’s COVID-19 test is known. If the person’s test result is positive for COVID-19, the close contact will be contacted by the Public Health Unit if they need to self-quarantine.