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Your Tutor

Your Tutor
Extra help with study problems in 2017 – no travel, no appointments.

Next time your child gets stuck during homework or study, don’t let it turn into an argument. You have free access to a huge network of expert teachers and tutors, online, on-demand, with the school’s YourTutor service.

Connect to a live expert 3pm-10pm Sunday to Friday for real-time help with maths, english, the sciences and get personal expert feedback, to help them make it their own best work.

We are providing access to YourTutor again in 2017 to help with after-hours study, for confidence, support for parents, and learning improvement for all our students.

Students have received activation codes.
Unlock your child’s account now at

If you have any questions about the service, please contact Christine McInerney, Associate Principal, Student Services (


How does it work?
YourTutor is live, one-to-one, on-demand online help during study. The moment your child has a question, gets stuck, needs homework help, essay feedback or revision support– in English, essay writing, maths, science, and more – they can connect online to a real-life, expert tutor, ready to help, 3pm – 10pm Sunday through Friday.

Can it help with all subjects?
Yes. Students studying history or other humanities subjects can get help by selecting ‘Research’ or ‘Writing feedback’ depending on their question, even though ‘History’ is not visible. English, maths, and the sciences are specifically covered from Year 7 through advanced Year 12.

Who are the online tutors?
Staff are the highest quality teachers, university academics, tutors, and other subject-experts. All must pass extensive screening, testing, and qualification checks to be accepted into the Your Tutor network. With tightly upheld ethical standards and policies, teachers and parents are assured that the help students receive is contributing to their capability to think for themselves - they employ a strict ‘no answers’ policy.

Click here to view the Student Activation Presentation.