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CVC Year 7’s Learn from Departing Year 12’s

The final assignment for Year 12 General English students was to produce an oral presentation, accompanied by a digital text, in the form of a ‘Guide to Surviving High School’.  I arranged for some of this Year 12’s work to be shared with an appropriate intended audience, my Year 7 students.

On Thursday 21 September, one of my Year 12 General English students, Rhys Cannarella, visited my Year 7 classes in order to share his work with them.  Our Year 7’s had also been preparing oral presentations and I provided them with an opportunity to observe an outstanding piece of work, with content directly relevant to them as relative novices in the secondary school environment.  In this respect the Year 7’s received some genuine mentoring by an older student, who imparted his wisdom and advice at the conclusion of his five years at Canning Vale College, and as a graduating Year 12 student.

Rhys is planning to study Teaching and eventually become a teacher himself.  The sharing activity I arranged for him provided him with a memorable opportunity to practise his leadership and communication skills in an authentic context.

These are some remarks made by my Year 7 students in their self-evaluation reviews of this classroom activity, following Rhys’s presentation:

Rhys presented really well and he was moving around, involving the class and asking us questions.  I will remember the things he said and apply them in the future.  – James Stobart

In his power-point he included dot points to help him remember what to say.  When he stated his point, Rhys would ask us for our opinion. – Serena Brown

The points that I learned from the presentation were that I should balance my studies and my social life.  This presentation is good advice for younger students on how to do well in high school. – Angammal Moorthy

I liked the presentation and he gave us some good advice on high school, such as about making an older friend to help us. – Seth Priest

It was very informative and I enjoyed it. – Corey O’Leary

The way in which Rhys presented was a good example for us Year 7’s to learn from. He knew his content, involved the audience and made eye contact with everyone in the class. He showed us a number of techniques I will be applying to my future presentations. – Mei-Lynne Chiang

Rhys made a list of do’s and don’ts such as; don’t put up with bullies, do have a positive mindset, don’t argue with the teachers, and many more.  He told us some ways of handling homework while balancing your social life, elaborating on dot points he made. – Brianna Hembra

Rhys spaced out his work and most of that was in dot points.  Rhys also memorised all of his work and that made it a lot more interesting. – Manmeet Singh

Rhys spoke about making older friends and being respectful to teachers. – Luke Martin

Some of his points were to make time for school and play; put your head down and do your work and listen to do well in your classes. – Raina Asim

Rhys mainly stated that what happens in high school affects your future life and can also limit what you can do in the future. He mainly focused on aiming for a higher grade than you currently have.  I learned that you will eventually get through it. – Georgia Kremer

Rhys said that no matter what, you have the right to feel comfortable and safe in the situation that you’re in! I learned that you should really only have two or three friends you really trust. – Keira Miller

Rhys spoke about and elaborated on topics such as:  attendance, grades, relationships, social media, balancing work and play, friendship groups and ATAR. – Vanessa Bailey

I learned not to stress when you have tests and you need a positive mindset all the time. – Felix Jose

In oral presentations, thanks to Rhys, I am a bit more confident as he performed in front of people he didn’t know.  From the actual content, I found the presentation very helpful and I learned quite a lot. – Kael Sandhu

One thing I really liked was when Rhys compared his Year 7 self to his Year 12 self. His speaking manner, posture and impeccable jokes were all up to scratch. – Tanmay Shinde

What I learned was that school is not for ‘cool’ people and I also learned that the more friends you make the easier school will be. – Kudakwashe Faneti

Rhys had a great start to his presentation. He had key points on his slideshow and when he explained those points, he further elaborated, explaining it to us in detail. He had a very clear voice and didn’t read from a piece of paper.  I was very glad that Ms Di Noto arranged this because I learned a lot from Rhys on how to present an oral presentation.  – Aaron Chau

Ms Anna Di Noto
Level 3 Classroom Teacher
Wednesday 11/10/2017

The Act Belong Commit Canning Vale College (CVC) Circus Troupe

During Term 3 the Act Belong Commit Canning Vale College (CVC) Circus Troupe created a fantastic and engaging performance that was toured across local primary schools and performed at CVC.  The Act Belong Commit CVC Circus troupe is a Healthway sponsored initiative and each show tackles a different aspect of children’s mental or physical health awareness. This year’s show explored the themes of difference and inclusion.

The students worked hard in showcasing a beautiful performance at each primary school and the feedback we received was positive and in hope that we return next year. Well done to all students who performed!

Ms Crystle Challinger
Circus/TDS Coordinator
Friday 22/09/2017

Year 10 Students Investigate School Based Traineeships with Reece Plumbing 

This term our Year 10 students have been investigating their options for next year. As part of this process, many students have investigated a School Based Traineeship (SBT). This involves being paid to work for a company one day a week whilst completing a certificate two. Reece Plumbing offers a great SBT option which involves paid on the job training whilst completing a certificate two in Warehousing and Logistics. In 2017, this option was offered to our students via the Connect page. Reece Plumbing recently came to the school to personally interview a group of our Year 10 students in relation to their application for an SBT in 2018. This experience was extremely valuable for our students and we look forward to hearing if they were successful in their applications.

Mr Duncan Sanderson
Careers Coordinator & Humanities Teacher
Wednesday 20/09/2017

Year 12 English and Literature Students View Performances at the State Theatre


Year 12 English and Literature students have had the pleasure of attending performances at the State Theatre Centre this term. In week 4, the Year 12 Literature students attended a performance of The Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare. This Bell Shakespeare production has toured Australia and received rave reviews. In week 7, the Year 12 English students watched Switzerland by Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith. The psychological thriller is a fictional retelling of the last few days in the life of suspense writer Patricia Highsmith. After the show, students and teachers took part in a question and answer session with the director and the two actors from the show. Attending these shows has deepened students’ understanding of these texts in preparation for their semester two and WACE exams.

Mrs Francoise Purdue
English Head of Learning Area
Wednesday 13/09/2017

Year 11 Literature Students View Dramatization of ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is one of the most famous and influential novels of the twentieth century, and the Year 11 Literature students had the privilege of attending a dramatization of the book at His Majesty’s theatre. This award-winning live production played on Broadway and in London’s West End before touring Australia. Attending the show was a powerful experience, and strengthened students’ understanding of the novel and of the dystopian genre.

Mrs Francoise Purdue
English Head of Learning Area
Wednesday 13/09/2017

CVC Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday, 5th September 2017 CVC hosted its annual athletics carnival. The day was filled with many events and all students enjoyed participating throughout the day. The results are as follow;

House Winners:
1st Place – Aeris
2nd Place – Aqua
3rd Place – Flamma
4th Place – Terra

Year Champions:

Year 7 Boys:

·         1st Place – Aiden Duncan

·         2nd Place – Toby Robinson

·         3rd Place – Kaeldeep Sandhu

Year 7 Girls:

·         1st Place – Brooke Pitter

·         2nd Place – Abbbygel Lagmay

·         3rd Place – Melanie Shreeve

Year 8 Boys:

·         1st Place – Jai Carr

·         2nd Place – Karl Escalona

·         3rd Place – Akash Katakam

Year 8 Girls:

·         1st Place – Katie Mobilia

·         2nd Place – Amber Pitter

·         3rd Place – Emily Caddies

Year 9 Boys:

·         1st Place – Blake Pritchard

·         2nd Place – Ruben Englebrecht

·         3rd Place – Drew Fisk

Year 9 Girls:

·         1st Place – Bianca Barrongo

·         2nd Place – Kelly Pillay

·         3rd Place – Halle Simpson

Year 10 Boys:

·         1st Place – Jarod Allen

·         2nd Place – Abdullah Anjum

·         3rd Place – Beau Raven

Year 10 Girls:

·         1st Place – Alisha Synnedahl

·         2nd Place – Latesha Wiki

·         3rd Place – Jenny Cunnigham

Year 11 Boys:

·         1st Place – Justin Melling

·         2nd Place – Leighton Beanland

·         3rd Place – Christopher Van Der Walt

Year 11 Girls:

·         1st Place – Katelyn Mangini

·         2nd Place – Shayla Burgess

·         3rd Place – Leilani Golding

Year 12 Boys:

·         1st Place – Cody Beattie

·         2nd Place – Peng Ye Li

·         3rd Place – Brandon Marais

Year 12 Girls:

·         1st Place – Dinna Ciza

·         2nd Place – Emily Araya Aliivaa

·         3rd Place – Brooke Fisk


CVC Year 12 Dance Students Performs Their Last Dance

On Thursday, 31st August 2017 the Year 12 Dance students performed their last showcase of the year and a beautiful rendition of their final performance as high school students. The students choreographed all their own work with Year 10 and 9 dance classes, Senior Dance Troupe, and Dance Crew supporting them in the show.

It was an emotional night to see our Year 12’s Dance students say goodbye but none the less the show was nothing less than spectacular.

Thank you to all who were involved and good luck to the Year 12 students on their future endeavours. 

Miss Marisa Scidone
CVC Dance Teacher
Friday 01/09/2017

It’s a Wrap from CVC Celebrating Two Massive Weeks of Learning and Engagement!

During Term 3, Week 5 and 6, CVC celebrated two major national events the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week and WA National Science Week.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week is time for students to get engaged and rediscover the fun in books and reading. Throughout the year, the CBCA works in partnership with authors, illustrators, publishers, booksellers and other organisations in the children’s book world to bring words, images and stories into the hearts and minds of students. The theme for CBCA 2017 was ‘Escape to Everywhere’. During the week students had the opportunity participated in a range of activities during lunch and recess such as;

Students thoroughly enjoyed participating and getting involved and learning about new books and escaping to the story within.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres. ‘Future Earth’ was the school theme for National Science Week in 2017. This is an exciting and important theme for teachers and their students to explore sustainability, energy, agriculture, water, technology and current research. Students got involved by completing a number of experiments during recess and lunch, with the Year 7’s having a fun competition in a race to see whose balloon rockets travelled the furthest.

Ms Keesha Murray 
Marketing and Media Officer 
Wednesday 30/08/2017

CVC Education Support Program

The "Leap Frog Swim School" is a mobile swim school and is officially endorsed by the Royal Life Saving Society of W.A.  CVC is the only college in the state to be running a Swimming and Water Safety programme in a secondary school. The levels achieved and certificates that are achieved are officially recognised Australia wide under the same curriculum that is run by Education Department.

As of this year the Education Support Program, the Year 9 students have participated in two years of the program with the Year 8’s commencing their first year and the future commencement of the year 7’s in term 4. The students are initially assessed at their current swimming level and are then broken up into groups to develop their water skills, water safety, survival skills and develop their swimming strokes appropriate to each student’s level. The Year 9 class who have been coming consistently have all improved dramatically in all areas.

We have a supportive working network with the Cannington Leisureplex Swim School and the administration department. We use the heated pool with an inbuilt bench in waist deep water. This has a temperature of 32 degrees, so it’s like having a warm bath. Water Safety, familiarisation and confidence are always my first priority to ensure that a student is calm and knows what to do to save themselves in any aquatic environment, as we are a country surrounded by water.

Benefits of Swimming and Water Familiarisation Program:

Mrs Shereen Denholm
Education Support Special Needs
Friday 25/08/2017

CVC Students Attend Skills Expo

On Friday, 18th August our Year 10 students from Canning Vale College attended the Skills Expo at Perth Convention Centre.

This Expo showcased industry and TAFE along with the alternate path to University. The students enjoyed the welding demonstrations, Army displays and TAFE barista stand the most. Murdoch University offered advice along with a host of trade related organisations. Our students were impeccably behaved and were often seen asking questions to the Expo participants. Overall, this was a valuable experience for all who attended.

Mr Sanderson (Careers Coordinator)
Friday 25/08/2017

CVC Celebrates Wins at ‘Outside the Frame Art Awards’

On Saturday, 12th August 2017 the City of Armadale hosted the Outside the Frame Art Awards showcasing some of the best contemporary artwork by young artists across Perth. Established as a platform to help develop young artists, the exhibition explores some of the hot topics of the younger generation.

The Outside the Frame Art Awards was open to students in Years 11 and 12 from across the Perth metropolitan region, high schools put forward student works for six categories; painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, digital media/photography and textiles.

The exhibition featured over 70 thought provoking works, sharing current trends and thoughts directly from the minds of our youth.

CVC walked away with three awards from the night;|

Congratulations to both students for their tremendous efforts, and well done to the CVC Arts Department for walking away with the ‘School with the Best Collective Works’ prize. 

Mrs Erin Roberts
Head of Learning Area Arts
Wednesday 24/08/2017

Poetry in Action at CVC

On Monday, 14th August 2017 the Poetry in Action (PIA) Theatre Company did three performances for our Year 7 and Year 11 students.

The Poetry in Action (PIA) Theatre Company is founded on the belief that poetry is not written to sit on a page in silence but demands to be heard. PIA believes that poetry should be spoken, torn apart and put back together, twisted, turned, adored, derided, loved and hated with equal passion and simply enjoyed by both the actor and the audience.

‘The Citizenship Test’ performed PIA was equally whacky and endearing; this performance engages students with a diverse range of Australian poetry from the Dreaming to today. Far from a collection of dusty bush ballads, the show explores a range of viewpoints including indigenous, feminist and migrant perspectives and asks what it means to be Australian today. This performance also highlighted the language techniques used in poetry such as; imagery, alliteration, rhyme, simile and so on.

CVC students enjoyed each performance and have a new insight into what poetry means to them. 

Miss Keesha Murray 
Marketing & Media Officer 
Friday 18/08/2017

CVC Receives a Special Visit

There was plenty of excitement on Friday, 11th August 2017 as CVC had the honour of hosting distinguished guests Minister for Education and Training WA, Hon. Sue Ellery MLC. and Terry Healy MLA. 

The Minister and her colleagues were in the Southern River Region visiting multiple primary schools for the day and ending the tour at one of the largest secondary schools, Canning Vale College.

The Minister had the chance to visit classrooms, talking to teachers and students on what they are currently learning and experiencing in class.  CVC also had the chance to talk about some of the challenges we are currently facing as a college and how we are implementing strategies to overcome those challenges.

We thank the Minister and Terry Healy very much for their visit. It was a wonderful experience for us at CVC and we hope to see more visits in the future.

Miss Keesha Murray
Marketing & Media Officer 
Wednesday 16/08/2017

CVC Celebrates WA Languages Week

WA Languages Week is a time to celebrate language diversity within our community – the languages that we speak with our family and friends and the languages that we are learning through our education.

We are very fortunate to have a very language rich community at CVC.  Of our 1687 students, 352 (21%) speak a language other than English.  A massive 47 different languages are spoken by our student population.

Our staff is also linguistically diverse. Over 30 staff members speak other languages, with 31 different languages being represented.  In fact, several staff speak more than 3 languages.

This rich language diversity is an asset in our increasingly globalised world. Being able to communicate across cultures is an essential skill in the 21st century.  Speaking and learning other languages can open doors to opportunities and other worlds you never knew existed. It can enrich your life socially and culturally and bring exciting employment opportunities.

Also, did you know that being multi-lingual is good for your brain and memory?

CVC celebrated WA Language Week by hosting a range of fun activities for students to participate in which included; languages banner decorating, languages karaoke, bocce & Indonesian krupuk challenge, Italian Simpsons and Italian card games & Indonesian board games.

Mrs Esther Blood
Head of Languages & EAL/D
Wednesday 16/08/2017

CVC Takes Side-by-Side Competition For The Win!

The Side-by-Side competition was run by the Modern Languages Teachers Association of WA (MLTAWA), as part of the Languages in the Mainstream Project, which is a year long partnership between the MLTWA and the Office of Multicultural Interests to promote the learning and maintenance of languages within our community.

Two students of the same year level sit/stand side by side and hold a conversation by asking and answering questions about any topic using familiar language that has recently been explored in class. The conversation must be filmed.

The conversation needs to be spontaneous and should sound as natural as possible. This is an opportunity for students to apply the language structures that have been practiced previously. Language fillers, error correction, survival phrases and repair strategies are allowed and tolerated in order to sustain interaction.

Our students were fantastic participants! Congratulations to the winning students and supporting CVC staff.

Canning Vale College State Winners:

Year 7 & 8 Category Indonesian:                               Blake Harbord & Isaac Johnson

Year 7 & 8 Category Italian:                                       Josie Wood & Rithika Ramesh

Esther Blood
Head of Languages & EAL/D
Friday 11/08/2017

CVC Arts Learning Area Leading The Way!

The Visual Arts team, in their role as an Arts Teacher Development School, held an indigo dying workshop in Term 2. The day began with Mrs Erin Roberts,CVC Head of Learning Arts,providing an update on the WA Curriculum and Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) website to fellow secondary arts teachers. From there Tanya Cain-Abbs, from Old Grey House, introduced the group to the Shibori and Indigo dying processes.  The group had the opportunity to try some of the folding techniques and look at a range of effects that can be achieved.  Tanya led discussions about some of the technical aspects that need to be considered when transferring this into our classrooms before we headed outside to the dye bath.  After a short break we were able to look at the effects we had all achieved with our test runs and then we had the chance to create our own scarves.

Once these were completed staff at CVC led the  discussions on how this could be used in the classroom, linking it back to the Year 10 Syllabus documents and also VET (Certificate III Fashion).  We also provided the participants with two example tasks that they could simply adapt to suit their school.

The day went well with all participants walking away enthused and prepared to teach a new skill to students. 

Mrs Erin Roberts
Head of Learning Arts 
Wednesday 09/08/2017

CVC Students attend Curtin English and Literature Conference

On Friday June 30, Canning Vale College students attended the Curtin English and Literature Conference at Curtin University. The annual conference was established over 30 years ago and is run in collaboration with English teachers and WACE examiners. Students attended a series of lectures that supported and challenged them, in order to help prepare for their upcoming WACE exams.

Francoise Purdue
English Head of Learning Area
Friday 04/08/2017


CVC Student Selected for WA 2017 Volleyball Team

One of CVC’s very own, Isabella Popovic has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2017 Volleyball Team. The team will be competing at the School Sport Australia National Championships in Mandurah, WA in mid-August.

To be selected for state representation is an honour and often represents a significant stepping stone in the ultimate achievement of senior and national selection.

Isabella has been training for over three years and trains three times a week. She is truly passionate about the sport and did not expect to be selected for such a high honour. She looks forward to competing and representing WA.

Congratulations Isabella and CVC wish you the best of luck!

Year 12 Students Visit Notre Dame Arts Symposiums

On Friday June 23, Year 12 Literature students and the top 15 Year 12 English participated in the Notre Dame Arts Symposium at Notre Dame University in Fremantle. Students attended a series of lectures which gave them the opportunity to listen to speakers who are experts in their fields. It was an exciting day, and students gained knowledge and skills to give them a winning edge in the WACE examinations.

Mrs Francoise Purdue
English Head of Learning Area
Wednesday 02/08/2017

Conversations with the Dead Theatre excursion

During Term 2, Year 11 and 12 Literature students attended a production of the award-winning Australian play Conversations with the Dead written by Richard Frankland. The play was presented by the Yirra Yaakin theatre company and was staged to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, when the Australian voting public elected to amend the constitution to allow for Aboriginal people to be counted in the census. Twenty years later the Australian Government appointed a Royal Commission to study and report on Aboriginal deaths in custody. Three decades on and the question is raised – how far have we come as a nation with respect to the treatment of Indigenous peoples? Indigenous author Frankland worked as a Field Officer during the Royal Commission and his play draws on this experience. Students found the play a moving experience and enjoyed the opportunity to broaden their understanding of stage drama and Australian plays.

Mrs Francoise Purdue
English Head of Learning Area

Mrs Jo Ewing visits Bantayan Primary School in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

"At the end of Term 2, the senior LEAP Canning Vale College students made exercise books for kids in an underprivileged school in Malaysia. Mrs Jo Ewing tasked the students to colour in the front cover pages and asked students to post a photo in the front of the book so that kids knew who decorated them. The students at Bantayan Primary School needed books and stationery to learn. These books and stationery were sent with Mrs Jo Ewing when she went on holiday and visited Bantayan Primary School in Kota Kinabalu."  - Quinn Walters Yr 12 LEAP

"I enjoyed decorating the books knowing that they were going to kids in need. It made me feel happy because I like giving things to other people who are less fortunate. Listening to Mrs Jo Ewing talk to the class about how much she learnt and what they did was good and I liked knowing that they enjoyed the books that were given to them. To see the students of Bantayan Primary School smile in the photo was awesome." - Amy Leonard Yr 10 LEAP

"I learned that other schools around the world aren't the same and some are less fortunate. We are grateful for the school we have and the things we do at school." - Liam Gall Yr 11 LEAP

A+ Year 9 Humanities Class Enrichment Task - Class debate on the ‘Lindy Chamberlain Case’

The A+ Humanities class studied civics as a subject in Term 2. In class, we created an enrichment task involving our case study: The Lindy Chamberlain Case. As a class, we put together a courtroom in which we appointed students to fill the positions of a judge, jury, and innocent and guilty parties.

Each party had three main speakers. These speakers proposed ideas for their own party while the other gathered evidence in order to rebut the opposing parties theories. The final verdict came to the jury and judge. This verdict was based upon the information brought forth during the class debate. The final statement was declared as 'Lindy Chamberlain is innocent'. The debate covered a series of ideas and rumours which looked into whether a dingo stole Lindy Chamberlain’s baby, whether Lindy neglected her child, if evidence was tampered with, if the police were biased etc. Our debate made sure to hold precedent to the previous criminal trials conducted on this case but also to view the case in a new perspective with ‘fresh’ eyes.

For this enrichment task, the process was ultimately more significant than the product (the final verdict). This activity enabled us to learn in a practical and engaging way while highlighting the specific speaking, debating, researching and organising abilities of ourselves and our peers.

CVC Student Kelly Pillay & CVC Student Zoe Hart
Mr Ismail - Humanities and Social Science Teacher 
Wednesday 26/07/2017

CVC Student Services 

Canning Vale College’s (CVC) Student Services team plays a vital role in providing support for your child’s social, emotional and educational wellbeing. CVC prides itself on being able to offer support to students, parents and guardians during this growing and learning stage of the educational journey.

The Student Service team provide a number of pastoral care programs that aim to build the resilience of our students. This includes programs about stress management, developing respectful relationships, peer leadership training, promoting protective behaviours and anti-bullying strategies.

Their goal is to also ensure that a student’s daily life at CVC runs as smoothly as possible with minimal disruptions.

The team consists of;

·         Christine McInerney -  Associate Principal

·         Colleen Ernst - Student Service Manager of Year 10-12

·          Kyle Quirk - Student Service Manager of Year7-9

·         Tom Langridge, Andy Gray, Varine Earle, Daniel Bayliss, Jackie D’Sylva & Vanessa Pratt - Year Coordinators

·         Vanessa Bayliss & Kyle Lewis -  Office Assistants

·         Cindy Van Der Wal -  College Psychologist

·         Angela Somerville – College  Nurse

·         Kerry Lucy – College Chaplain

The Student Service’s team is focused on supporting each student in creating their own future and reach their full potential. 

450 Years

The final Year 12 Certificate III Music performance followed tradition as the annual fundraising event.  This year we selected to highlight the use of single use plastics and strategies to reduce plastic use.  All funds raised from the charity evening were donated to the Sea Shepherd Marine Sea Debris Campaign. Congratulations to the students and their audience for raising over $1200.  Students worked hard in their individual bands to rehearse some great songs of their choice as well as collaborating together to put on some big numbers involving all students. 

Working towards the concert, students underwent their own experiment – 7 days without using or buying plastic.  Any pieces of plastic that they had to have, they had to keep and produce at the end of the week.  This made them all reflect on the amount of plastic they unconsciously use/ buy and they had to consciously make decisions on alternatives to use or refuse.

The evening involved guest performers string quartet Riverside Ensembles performing with the entire class in their last number, Heroes. 

Rebecca Harrison
Music Coordinator
Friday 30/06/2017

Get Into Resources day Year 10

There are many employment opportunities in the Resources industry. Recently the industry hosted its annual ‘Get Into Resources’ day at Northbridge Central TAFE and 20 of our Year 10’s were there to experience the day.

The group of students split into ‘Trades and Professional’ streams where the workshops explored careers and courses in the Oil and Gas/ Mining industry. The students worked in teams to create, build and to analyse.

The trade students designed houses using online drafting software. They used virtual welders to weld and wore virtual reality headsets to be a surveyor at work. They explored geology, engineering and mining.

The highlight of the day was experiencing Perth’s only simulation mine shaft where our students could visualise drilling, surveying and using explosives underground. They discussed the idea of being a mine technician and investigate the TAFE courses needed to get there.  They were literally surrounded by noise, walls and equipment.

Overall, the day was a hands-on, practical experience and it offered our students two distinct pathways to a career in resources. It also demonstrated the need to achieve the highest possible Math and English to open up their future opportunities.

Mr Sanderson
Careers Coordinator
Friday 30/06/2017



Term 1 2017 Newsletter Click Here

Term 2 2017 Newsletter Click Here

View all previous years newsletters here: Archive Newsletters

To view these documents you will need Adobe PDF Reader - You can download it free from:

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Year 10 students visit the Career Expo


On May 16th 120 Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend the annual Perth Careers Expo held at the Perth Convention Centre.   The excursion was organized in conjunction with the Society and Environment learning area, and complemented  the Year 10 ‘Career’s Week’ program running in Society and Environment classes,  which aims to guide our students toward their chosen pathway in Senior School and beyond. This coincides with the Year 11 subject selection and counselling process that all Year 10 students will be involved in.  


The excursion was a great success as our students were exceptionally well behaved and polite and were able to use the Expo to gain valuable information into their future career path.  Thank you to Mr Sanderson, Mr Jones, Mrs Pratt and Mrs Qasem, who were very mobile and made sure the students were always in sight amongst the thousands of students in attendance.


We hope this Expo has helped some of our students to think about the opportunities available to them, and to encourage them to work hard to achieve their goals. Jackie D’Sylva – Careers Advisor