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Student Council Supports Food Bank WA Winter Food Appeal

Each term the CVC student council selects a charity to support. During Term 2 the CVC Student Council has once again supported the Food Bank WA by collecting canned foods for the 2017 Winter Food Appeal.

Last year participating schools collected enough food to help create over 13,000 meals.

The councilors feel it is a worthwhile charity to support and they are very passionate about supporting charities that the local community might have need to access.

Thank you to all for supporting this worthwhile cause.

Varina Earle
Student Council Coordinator
Tuesday 27/06/2017

CVC Lower School Drama Performance Night

On the 21st June 2017 Year 7, 8 & 9 Drama students performed their first showcase in front of a live audience other than their peers.

The Year 7's performed a scripted drama that was set in medieval times. They transformed into knights, nobles and peasants for the show. The Year 8's performed a student devised Fractured Fairy-tale and the Year 9's performed Commedia Dell'Arte scenarios.

It was a fantastic night with many laughs and entertainment. Thank you to all involved.

Sarah Calvert
CVC Drama Teacher
Tuesday 27/06/2017

Jiabin Zhang Takes a Title at Atwell Art Awards

On June 15th 2017 CVC student, Jiabin Zhang entered the 2017 Atwell Youth Awards among a number of art pieces, , Jiabin Zhang art work ‘Strung Out’ took away the Marshall Arts Award – for Originality or Innovative Thought and/or use of Materials.

“Most viewers would never think of nails and thread as an art medium, but here it has been used with assurance and to great effect. As well as clever toning created but the varying density of the threads, the moving reflection of light from the nails heads gives this work a real sparkle.” – Melville Community Arts Association

Well done Jiabin Zhang for a tremendous win!

Friday 23/06/2017

CVC Student enters Defence Work Experience Program

Congratulations to one of our Year 12 students, Brandon Marais, who has been successful in his application for a place in the Defence Work Experience Program.  Brandon will be attending a Navy Familiarisation placement at HMAS Stirling for a one week period.

This program is highly contested as students from across the state compete for a place in the work experience opportunity.

The Defence Work Experience Program provides opportunities for young people who have an interest in a Defence career to gain exposure to job roles that are available in the Australian Defence Force and Australian Public Service.

Students participating in Defence work experience placements must be at least 15 years of age at the time of the placement.

Please see below link for future Defence Force Work Experience opportunities or contact Mrs Robertson (08 9456 7009) in the VET Office for further information.

Natalie Robertson
Workplace Learning Coordinator
Friday 23/06/2017

CVC Game Design Club

The Canning Vale College Game Design Club was formed to allow students interested in games, computer science, programming and design to get together and create!

Initially starting as a lunchtime club with a small group of talented and enthusiastic Year 10 students (now Year 12) in 2015, the club is now an extracurricular opportunity that takes place after school on a Tuesday.

"I was absolutely overwhelmed by the interest during the application process as over 70 students applied! We now have a group of students ranging from Year 8 - 12, with a wide variety of game design and programming experience, working in teams to create interactive games completely from scratch. The majority of students are using the software GameMaker to create 2D games, while some have been experimenting with the industry grade software, Unity to explore 3D environments.

The teams are working on designing original games to compete in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge. The national competition has the goal to engage students with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and to learn vital skills through design and creativity.

I am so proud of what the group has managed to accomplish so far. They have shown me that they can work independently as well as in teams, and that they can be supportive of each other ideas which are completely original and wonderfully creative.

I am even more excited to see the end results, and look forward to keeping you all updated on their creations."

Miss Anita Piccioni
Digital Technologies Teacher/Game Design Club Coordinator.
Wednesday 21/06/2017

Year 7 Specialist Music Performance

Year 7 Specialist Music Students performed their hearts out on Wed 14th June and many proud parents were in the audience. The students performed classical and contemporary pieces. This was the first time the Year 7 Specialist Music performed in Term 2. Well done to all students and staff involved!

Friday 16/06/2017 

Straight Outta Dance Class!

During week 8 CVC Dance students showcased their talents and it was spectacular! Students from Year 7 all way the way to Year 12 performed, each group having their own unique style of dance. Miss Marisa Scidone worked tirelessly with the students to ensure their choreography and enthusiasm was on point. The show was sold out with family and friends filling each little space in our CVC Performance Arts Centre. Well done to all students involved and for putting on a spectacular showcase! 

Friday 16/06/2017 

Sphero Robot Races!

Year 8 ICT classes have had the opportunity to "learn through play" using the Sphero programmable robots. Our introduction lesson helped students familiarise themselves with the technology and focused on robot movement. Working in teams, the students are learning problem solving and critical thinking skills. As per tradition, we ended the lesson with a classic race! It is so wonderful to see so many students engaged and showing enthusiasm with new technologies.

Miss Anita Piccioni
ICT Teacher
Friday 16/06/2017

CVC Hosts Italian Language Assistant Giovanni

During Term 2 Canning Vale College’s Languages Department had the pleasure of hosting a native Italian citizen, Giovanni Tebaldi, who is part of the Language Assistant Program that is coordinated by the WA Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI).

The WAATI is a non-profit organisation that provides a common voice for language educators in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Some of the aims of the organisation are to promote and further the study and teaching of the Italian language and culture in school and to encourage cultural exchange among all nations and in particular between Australia and Italy.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Giovanni Tebaldi and Esther Blood, CVC Head of Languages, to discuss what it is like to have Giovanni Tebaldi helping, observing and teaching in the Italian language with our CVC students.

Miss Blood mentioned that it has been a positive experience to have Giovanni in class not just for students, but for staff as well.

For students at CVC, it is important to have someone like Giovanni in classes, a native speaker in the language. It helps students in the class to model the correct pronunciation and mannerisms and also giving student’s insight into current Italian culture. It showcases to students that the Italian language is alive and that it is still commonly used throughout society today.

Having Giovanni sitting between students and teachers has created a comfortable environment with open dialogue as students have questions for Giovanni about the language and his culture.

In addition, Giovanni prepares a presentation for each lesson on the current trends and news in Italy.”

“I think students are more comfortable speaking to me as I am similar in age, especially with the seniors, we have many of the same hobbies and interests. I only finished school about two years ago.” Giovanni Tebaldi

Having Giovanni come from Italy has allowed him to see many different things stating that he found CVC to be colourful and modern, he enjoys seeing so many different subjects on offer for students. He also likes experiencing the different cultures among students and particularly how Australian culture functions.

In Italy, we enjoy our recreational days and we enjoy the food. What I love about the Australian culture is how different communities work together, for instance, that group work is important in school which is not common in Italian schools.

Australians are also more softly spoken that Italians. Even the mannerisms are different for example when I get off the bus everyone says thank you which is not common in Italy.” Giovanni Tebaldi

One of our current Year 10 CVC students, Bailey's family is hosting Giovanni.

 “Having one of our students hosting Giovanni has allowed Bailey to get to know the culture and language more. Bailey’s family has also said that having Giovanni has been positive and fun as they learn new things from each other every day.” Esther Blood

Bailey’s family has been very welcoming. When we eat dinner together we learn new words every time like the translation for a chicken in Italian or how you pronounce something more clearly.

I have enjoyed my visit to Australia very much; I appreciated interacting with students and teaching them things about my culture and teaching them my language, and them teaching me.” Giovanni Tebaldi

 “It’s been a very positive experience to have Giovanni with us during this term; it has helped teachers and students alike." Esther Blood

Keesha Murray 
Marketing and Media Officer 
Wednesday 14/06/2017

CVC Students Gain Crown Perth Work Placements

Seven Canning Vale College students have been successful in being selected for a work experience program at Crown Perth.

Students from schools across Western Australia were required to submit applications along with their resume to have an opportunity for the work experience program. 

Our students will have an opportunity to work with a large range of chefs and kitchen staff that have had experience across the world.  They will be getting experience in most of the restaurant kitchens in the Crown complex including “The Merrywell, 88 Noodle Bar, Atrium Buffet, Epicurean Crown Towers”.  They will also assist with large functions in the ball rooms that normally cater for 1200-1500 people.

Students attended a detailed workplace induction program, along with staff, and have been given a tour of how they will prepare for their day.  The highlight for their work experience will possibly be the staff canteen where they will be able to choose from a lunch buffet each day – free of charge!

This is a tremendous opportunity for our students as Crown Perth use this program as a way of meeting potential apprentices for their future workforce.  

For all future enquiries please contact Mrs Robertson (08 9456 7009) in the VET Office.

Natalie Robertson.
Workplace Learning Coordinator
Wednesday 14/06/2017

CVC Year 7’s participate in The World Scholar’s Cup for the First Time!

On Friday 2nd June and Saturday 3rd June, 12 enthusiastic Year 7 CVC students took part in ‘The World Scholar’s Cup’ and competed in team debating, collaborative essay writing and the scholar’s challenge –general knowledge quizzes.

This was the first time Canning Vale College(CVC) participated in the fourth annual Perth Round of the World Scholar's Cup—the 102nd Regional round of the season, and the largest-ever in Australia, with nearly 400 scholars!

The CVC students worked exceptionally hard preparing for this event and competed against many of the top private and state schools. Their efforts were rewarded with gold and silver medals over different events as well as qualifying for the Global Round!

An exceptional effort by all involved and thank you to Fiona Grant and Chelsy Young for their help with the students, and to Fran Purdue for all her work preparing the students for the event and for staying until 10:30pm at Scotch College on a Friday night. CVC looks forward to “pwaa- ticipating” next year and taking some more fury Alpaca mascots home!  

Natalie Simms
Associate Principal – Lower School and College Improvement Initiatives 

Campbell Primary School Students visit Canning Vale College

During Term 2 Canning Vale College Science Department had the honour of hosting 12 Campbell Primary School students and staff. The Campbell PS students had opportunities to complete many different activates in STEM, Chemistry and Biology.  

I had the pleasure of attending one of the sessions where students had the opportunity to recreate the experiment ‘Elephants’ Toothpaste’ with Miss. Liezl Esterhuysen. Campbell PS students arrived excited, one student commenting on how they love the smell of CVC, “smelling just like a hotel”. I was glad to know that our facilities provided such enthusiasm for all the students.

Arriving in class Miss. Liezl Esterhuysen prepped Campbell PS students for the exciting session ahead, first telling each student the safety procedures involved when conducting experiments. Safety goggles on, Campbell PS students were ready to get started watching Miss. Liezl Esterhuysen conducting the experiment first, students then learning about the different chemical reactions taking place during ‘Elephants’ Toothpaste’. Campbell PS students divided into groups to recreate their own ‘Elephants’ Toothpaste’ with different variables being changed to see the different chemical reactions.

It was great fun hosting the incredible bright young Campbell PS students and CVC looks forward to having them as secondary students in the future.  Many thanks to CVC staff Damian Millar, Mike Rankin, Liezl Esterhuysen and Bianca Riksman for their efforts with this great project, and thank you to Campbell Primary School students and staff. 

Keesha Murray
Marketing and Media Officer

CVC Head Girl Heads to Camp Hero 2017

Canning Vale College’s Head Girl, Ngoc-Mai Duong, was privileged enough to attend a youth leadership training camp, which was held 17th- 21st April 2017.

Ngoc-Mai was one of the 43 students chosen out of 120 applicants for the program, run by WA-based mental health not-for-profit organisation, zero2hero.

The camp aimed to de-stigmatise mental illness among young people, and empower young leaders to graduate as mental health ambassadors.

Throughout the 5-day program, a wide range of topics were covered including communication, leadership, self-awareness, health, nutrition, teamwork and overall wellbeing. 

Ngoc-Mai’s experience can be read below:

“Upon receiving a phone call on a Friday afternoon, I was very surprised to have received an opportunity to attend Camp Hero. For me, personally, I did not fully register that I had actually been accepted from such an outstanding number of applicants until a week later. Whether it was because the phone call was rushed - right in the middle of a dentist appointment may I add - or if I was just doubtful of myself, I was relieved and thankful nevertheless.

As someone who often leaves things at the last minute, it was the day before camp that I only had just started packing my suitcase. When 17th April had promptly arrived, I found myself sitting in the bus amongst 42 other students whom I did not know, heading down south to Nanga bush camp.  We were on a journey to test our limits and achieve what would be considered “impossible”. For many of us, the experiences felt and shared here would without a doubt, leave an indelible mark on our lives.

The camp was more concentrated on Year 12’s this year, so I was fortunate enough to meet the head boys and head girls of other schools, including students from Willeton Senior High, Applecross Senior High, and Perth Modern. Normally most of us would have been studying but this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity seemed to be more worth it.

Through speakers, activities, personal development, we became further aware of our beliefs, values, skills and limitations. One of the most empowering sessions involved safeTALK, which focused on suicide awareness and prevention. Abseiling and rock climbing activities helped us develop trust, perseverance and test our strength of character as our initial fears were turned into exhilaration and a growing self-confidence.

The inclusive and supportive environment created here at camp also helped form close bonds over a short period of time. It was a privilege to be able to meet like-minded people, so passionate about mental health and eager to make a difference. Through gaining a better understanding and knowledge of mental health, this highly rewarding experience paved the way for me to continue on my own leadership journey.

The camp has allowed me in return to become extensively involved with the community. I am now currently involved in a community fundraising group for Zero2Hero, where my team members and I meet up every fortnight to organise and work on mental health projects.

I would like to thank Ashlee Harrison (CEO of Zero2Hero), for her ongoing support of this program, the mentors, for their constant motivational guidance, and the youth volunteers for the 10/10 cooking skills. Another special thankyou goes to everyone on the camp that attended and made the experience more enjoyable.

While many of us had to go back to our ordinary, ATAR driven lives, we learnt to laugh and relax for the time being and then left as refreshed, motivated and determined leaders. As I have returned a changed person, I encourage those who share my passion to take on this challenge, embrace learning, and take advantage of every opportunity; take part in Camp Hero."

 “Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader success is all about growing others” – Jack Welch

Ngoc-Mai Duong (CVC Head Girl) 
Wednesday 31/05/2017

Year 9 Students Make Pizza

Year 9 Italian students were treated to some traditional pizza making. Students were divided into groups and started with rolling out the dough, to putting on the perfect sauce with all of their delicious ingredients, some students enjoying some cheese in between making pizzas. When the pizzas were done, students shared slices and had full tummies before lunch.  

Wednesday 31/05/2017

Canning Vale College Chamber of Commerce Apprentices Morning Tea

Recently 15 of our year 10 students attended the Chamber of Commerce morning tea with Shell apprentices and trainers, including the WA school based apprentice of the year in 2016. Only 10 apprentices where selected from a pool of 700 to be among this excellent training course. The course is split into two years TAFE training in Munster and two years on the job training as a FIFO worker to become trades people for the massive Prelude project - the world's largest floating gas platform. The resounding message from the trainers was:

Our students chatted with the trainers and apprentices afterward and were given some excellent advice on their future pathways.

Mr Duncan Sanderson (Careers Coordinator) 
Firday 01/06/2017

Year 10 Career Expo Excursion

On Friday May 26th CVC Year 10 students culminated their Year 10 exam week with a Career Expo excursion. Over 100 CVC students traversed the Convention Centre on a quest for career information and the feedback from our students was hugely positive. As always our students were well behaved and polite throughout, yet again enhancing our school reputation at such public events.

This visit was part of our year 10 student career explorations in Humanities where students will be exploring their options and pathways for Year 11 and beyond. In class the students will be planning their subject selection and researching future courses and pathways. They will also participate in 'Career Voyage' which is a computer program that explores their future options.

Mr Duncan Sanderson (Careers Coordinator) 
Wednesday 31/05/2017

CVC Principal Welcome Letter 

As you may be aware, the foundation Principal Mr Ron Bamford retired early this year and I am now the Principal of Canning Vale College. I have been an Associate Principal at CVC since its foundation year of 2004. Prior to arrival at CVC I held several educational leadership roles at both state and system level. I have also held leadership and teaching positions at a number of schools across the state. Since arriving at CVC in 2004 I have been instrumental in the development of the college taking on a broad range of leadership responsibilities over the years. This extended experience has given me a deep understanding of all aspects of college operations, clarity on where our college sits in terms of all our performance measures and a clear vision for our strategic direction into the future.

My vision for CVC includes building upon the successes of the past and firmly establishing Canning Vale College as the school of choice for members of this community. Our motto “Creating Futures” is brought to life by dedicated staff who provide a comprehensive curriculum with strong academic and vocational pathways assisted by effective pastoral care programs. I believe all students at CVC are given the opportunity to become confident, innovative and successful learners who are supported, nurtured and challenged when necessary to be their best.

Canning Vale College is a great school but I believe much of what we do here goes unnoticed outside the school gates. To begin to remedy this I have recently created and circulated to our broader school community a summary of highlights from the substantial number of activities, extra-curricular events and programs that occurred during 2016 to enhance the educational experience here at CVC. There are many examples of how so many of our staff devote many hours of additional time to enrich the learning environment for students which makes this a dynamic and energised place to be. 

Peter Rudrum
Friday 26/05/2017

Peter Rudrum

A Day Made Better Teaching Awards: Nominate a CVC Teacher!

A Day Made Better recognises the exceptional efforts made by teachers across the country.  Students, parents/guardians and staff can nominate teachers for their efforts at Canning Vale College. There are so many fantastic teachers who go above and beyond at Canning Vale College, and it would be great for students, parents and guardians to play a part in recognising their efforts.

A Day Made Better Awards states, “Exceptional teachers do more than just teach – they inspire, nurture and encourage students to build knowledge, confidence and life-skills. This year, ten exceptional teachers will be rewarded for their inspirational work with a surprise event including prizes valued over $6,000 and an Apple iPad for their school”

To be able to nominate click on the link, select Canning Vale College then write your reasons for your nomination. Complete your details then submit.

Natalie Simms
Associate Principal – Lower School and College Improvement Initiatives
Friday 26/05/2017

CVC Year 11 Biology Students Visit the Canning River Eco Education Centre

On the 16th May 2017, Year 11 Biology Students went to The Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) which is ideally located on the banks of the Canning River within the Canning River Regional Park.

Using the SIGNAL model as an assessment tool, students gain an indication of water quality in the Canning River by sampling and classifying aquatic macro-invertebrates. Results are discussed within a broader framework of sustainable water management within the Swan-Canning River catchment.

Year 11 Biology Students actively participated and gained a deeper understanding of the wetland environment.

Keesha Murray 
Marketing and Media Officer
Friday 26/05/2017

CVC Year 11 Biology Students Visit the Canning River Eco Education Centre 

Canning Vale College (CVC) Netball Teams participate in Lightning Carnival

On Tuesday the 16thMay, CVC Netball teams competed in the annual Lightning Carnival. Congratulations to both teams that participated and showed great sportsmanship, camaraderie and teamwork.

Results: ·        

Miranda Cooke
Health Programme Coordinator
Teacher: Health & PE

CVC Team A

CVC Team B

Canning Vale College (CVC) Volleyball Teams comes out on top!

On the Wednesday 10th May, CVC Volleyball Teams participated in the Interschool State Volleyball Championships (South Region) at Bendat Basketball Centre in Floreat.

The CVC Boys and Girls Volleyball Team rallied the morning to go against some of the most competitive schools to win a title that has never before been won in CVC history.

The CVC Girls Volleyball Team won the A grade state champs and beat schools with specialist programs along the way. They did not drop a set all tournament and were successful in the finals against Perth Modern School 15-5, 15-4. This is the first time in the history of Canning Vale College (CVC) that this has been achieved in any sport.  Hopefully, CVC will get the opportunity to play the Northern winner!

The CVC Girls Volleyball Team has gone very close over previous years to winning and it was a great way for our Year 12’s to finish.

CVC also sent a Boys Volleyball Team for the first time.  They were entered in the C division and also won. A very good effort from the boys first up.

Well done to coach and teacher, Terrence Kuppusamy, who has spent many of his own hours to training the kids up, and congratulations on a tremendous win to all participating students!

Jamie Connelly
Head of Learning Health and PE 

CVC Volleyball Champs

CVC Yr 9 Students Visit Osh5One Modern Cuisine Restaurant.

On the 5th of May 2017, Year 9 Indonesian CVC Students went to the Osh5One Modern Cuisine Restaurant. This excursion gave the students the opportunity to practice what they had learnt in class in a real-world situation. The students were a little bit sceptical when looking at the building from the outside but were pleasantly surprised when they entered a spacious and aromatic restaurant. The class was welcomed with a beautiful hibiscus drink in which two students were able to help make. Ibu Agnes also taught the students how to wrap their own spring rolls whilst sharing some of her secret ingredients and successful methods. Other amazing dishes were prepared and served by Ibu Agnes including nasi goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles) and Sate Ayam (sate chicken). Enak! Delicious! The amazing food allowed the students to experience a significant part of the Indonesian/Asian culture that many had yet to explore and understand. They were able to test their vocabulary and receive positive responses from all the staff in a positive and engaging environment. This was an eye-opening experience for all the students which only heightened their excitement for the possible trip to Indonesian in the upcoming years.

Emily Bennett
CVC Student 
Friday 19/05/2017

Yr9 Indonesian Excursion

CVC Students view Hatched 2017 exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

On Friday 12th May 2017 the Year 11/12 ATAR and Year 10 Extension groups went to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) to view the Hatch 2017 exhibition. This exhibition showcases the highest achieving works by University Art school graduates from across the country.

This year the survey exhibited a variety of styles and processes, such as; Painting, Illustration, Performance, Kinetic, Sound, Assemblage and Digital tech. Examining a wide range of themes such as; Diaspora, Identity within contemporary Australian and global culture, Kitsch, Gender, Nature, Memory and the relationship between Artist and viewer.

The students were given an extensive tour of the exhibition by curator's Minaxxi May and Eugenio Viola. It was an opportunity for students and gallery staff to engage in critical discussions about the students’ studies and the works on display. The dialogue and enthusiasm were such that the hour-long tour ended up going for close to two and left the gallery staff inviting the group back for each successive show at PICA from now on.

After the tour students were broken into groups and perused the gallery space at their leisure, working on set tasks and developing deeper connections between their current works and those on offer. Students were also asked to engage with the work of one of the after school tutors; Nikki Lundy, whose work was selected for inclusion in the exhibition as the representative of Western Australia.

The group had a great time viewing the exhibition and were particularly impressed with the emotive video works of Eva Collins, the highly conceptual works of Kai Wasikowski, the photographic and digitally altered work of Dorothy Lau and the viewer interactive works of Ben Fisher.

The students came away excited having seen the epitome of what is achievable at University level as well as in possession of a plethora of ideas for new works and investigations into their own practices.

Nathan Peake
Coordinator: Visual Arts Extension 
Friday 19/05/2017

CVC_Hashed 2017

Year 10 A+/Ext CVC Students witness ‘Murder’

Year 10 students from Canning Vale College (CVC) witnessed the ‘death’ of a Murdoch professor, but thankfully the drama was all in the name of education. The theatrical ‘murder’ of School of Law Dean Professor Jürgen Bröhmer was all part of the University’s inaugural Crime Day, which showcased its courses, staff, students and facilities to CVC Students.

After witnessing a bloodied Professor Bröhmer collapsing and ‘dying’, despite attempts by nursing students and teachers to revive him, the students had the opportunity to try short taster activities in forensic science, nursing, journalism and law. They then watched the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the crime – School of Law manager Gail Wescombe. The pupils will be invited back to the Perth Campus to watch Ms Wescombe’s mock trial later in the year.

“Crime Day was a fun and engaging way to present a variety of courses available at Murdoch to school pupils who will soon be making decisions about their future,” said Professor Bröhmer.“The students were able to find out more on how such a crime would be investigated and dealt with by forensics officers and criminal lawyers. They were also given a tour of our incredible nursing simulation suite and gained an insight into how journalists report on such events.”

Wendy Qasem, Academic Excellence Co-ordinator at Canning Vale College, said: “That Murdoch Crime Day was a fantastic opportunity for students to gain a deeper insight into the investigation of the various careers in solving a ‘murder case’. Not only were students intrigued about who committed the crime, but were actively engaged in the problem-solving process from a variety of legal, scientific and health principles.  It was an absolute privilege for our CVC students to participate in the inaugural Murdoch Crime Day. I look forward to witnessing the Mock Trial that will take place later on this year. Well done to ‘Murdoch Future Services Team’ in making it an enjoyable ‘hands on experience’ for the both schools that attended.

Jo Manning
Media & Communications Advisor
Murdoch University
Wednesday 17/05/2017

Murdoch Crime Day

Hooked on Books CVC Reading Club

First Tuesday of every month CVC students gather for an engaging book club meeting, which allows them to explore exciting themes and to discover new worlds. 

The purpose of Hooked on Books CVC Reading Club is to celebrate and promote reading for pleasure, to encourage students to read more frequently and widely, and to allow students from different year groups to meet and discuss shared and different interests.

I had the pleasure of sitting in and listening to one of the meetings. What I saw was CVC students being engaged and excited to tell what they have learned, about the theme of this month, being relationships.

Ms Purdue and Ms Nybo who run the, Hooked on Books CVC Reading Club, handed out a question sheet that prompts students to look at each theme in different ways. Some student members thought that relationships only have romantic connotations but Ms Purdue talked about her books 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Series' that explores friendships, family and love, highlighting those relationships in our daily lives and almost in every book that a CVC student reads.

It was a delight to see CVC students so engaged and to fall in love with reading. I am excited to see what the members of Hooked on Books CVC Reading Club have next month. The theme horror and supernatural is being explored.

Keesha Murray
Marketing & Media Officer 
Friday 12/05/2017

Hooked on Books

CVC Students create masterpieces for the annual City of Gosnells Community Art Exhibition and Awards.

On the 5th May 2017 doors opened to Lyal Richardson Hall at The Agonis in Gosnells, to showcase The City of Gosnells Community Art Exhibition and Awards. Over 180 artworks were displayed from Western Australian artists in a range of mediums including watercolours, sculpture, pastels, pencils and pens, mixed media, photography, oil, acrylics and new craft categories.

Seven Canning Vale College (CVC) students created stunning art pieces to be among the 180 artworks displayed.  Each student having their own unique talent and perspective on their art pieces and one of our very own, Aiman Shaukat,  winning the Youth Category with her self-portrait.  

A big congratulation’s to all participating students, CVC and its community is in awe of your amazing work. 

Yr12: Ayesha Limb, Kate Denteith

Yr11:Jaiqui Wang, Elias Kuru, Aiman Shaukat

 Yr8: Evan Hart

 Yr7: Laura Loveday

Erin Roberts
Head of Learning Arts
Wednesday 10/05/2017


Farewell from our Foundation Principal 

I have now retired as Principal of Canning Vale College and I look back at the development of the college with very fond memories.

In 2003, I was appointed as the foundation Principal and worked hard with Associate Principals Colin Marshall, Peter Rudrum and Noelene Mason and foundation Business Manager Annette Rogers to make the dream of the community become reality. Many of the staff selected back then are still at the college today and have been the driving force behind the college success.

In 2004, we had a different curriculum and staff worked hard to establish a college that was focussed on each student and their individual needs.  During the next two or three years we had hundreds of visitors from all over the world coming to CVC to see world’s best practice in action.  In 2007 we were recognised as one of 12 schools across the world in leading education for the future.

In 2012, the lower school curriculum changed and clearly the external focus was on NAPLAN and school league tables.  We needed to evolve and in doing so amalgamated the middle and senior schools to have a  more traditional structure.  While academic rigor became the focus my dedicated staff searched for ways to not lose our dedication to developing student wellbeing and resilience.  

In reflection, I have not broadcast the success of Canning Vale College as much as it surely deserves.  I am constantly reminded by new staff and relief staff that come into the college about how good we really are in comparison to other schools both private and public.  The students are relaxed and enjoy their work.  Staff are well ahead of others in what they doing with students and in school generally, and the leadership team is enthusiastic and focussed on improvement.

Over the years I have had many parents and community members help me in delivering a quality education for the Canning Vale Community. While in fear of excluding others I need to mention a few. Karen Neil and Margaret Lawrence were key players from 2000 to drive the need for a local school then worked with me until only recently to help guide its success.  Along the way Deb (and Mark) Illingworth, Janet Buckle, Martine Martin and Jacquie Jacobson have been major contributors.  There has been many others willing to give their time to help the college and to all of your I say thank you.

I now handover leadership to Peter Rudrum knowing he will continue to move the college forward.  David Goode, our College Board chair is also only relatively new to the position but will continue to rally parents and community to achieve the best we can be.

It is with sadness that I move on but I have much pride in the college and its people and I know the foundations for excellence have been set.  We are already a school of choice and this can only get better.

Finally I would like to thank all the people who have helped me over the years; my evolving leadership team, college staff, external agencies and institutions, parents and community members.  Without you none of this would have been possible.  Our young people are wonderful and I trust that in our relatively short existence we have helped them create the best possible futures.

Ron Bamford
Foundation Principal

Ron Bamford

Board Chair Report   

My name is David Goode and, as Chairman of the Canning Vale College Board, I would like to introduce your College Board members to you and outline how the College Board works for you.

Representatives on the College Board include:

· Council Member  - David Goode - City of Gosnells Councillor, Justice of the Peace,  Finance Company Director

· College Principal  Peter Rudrum

· Community MembersPeter Abetz former Member of Parliament, Dr Susan Blackley – Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Curtin University

· College Manager Corporate Services - Deb Oorjitham

· College Teachers  - Peter Berger, Jackie D’Sylva

· Student Councillor Head Boy- Eric Rumsley

· Student Councillor Head Girl - Ngoc Mai Duong

· Industry Member- Russell Lawrence

· Parent Representatives- Andrew McLean, Jodie Norwell, Khushwinder Arak, Joseph Carriera, Rajan Tamilalagan Natarajan.

College Board members from a variety of positions within the wider school community have nominated, or been nominated, to the board in order to collaborate on strategic planning for our College. The College Board meets monthly during school terms.

It is the responsibility of the College Board to ensure the College operates well; the College Board is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the College. The College Board makes decisions regarding the most effective policies to adopt that are innovative and best suit the needs of the students and will enhance the reputation of Canning Vale College.  The Board considers strategic planning of the College and to ensure objectives regarding the CVC Business plan are met.  The Board meets to ensure the College is functioning to the best of its ability and that support is given to the Principal. We review from time to time the College’s objectives. The Board is also responsible for ensuring adequate financial arrangements are in place to meet all the needs of the College.

Programs operating at CVC provide outstanding opportunities for the students and are a credit to the dedicated staff that run them. CVC provides lots of academic support for ATAR students as well as enormous range of Vocational Education and Training Certificates catering for both university and non-university career pathways. We also offer a Specialist Music program, Academic and Visual Art extension programs and the Teaching Learning Support Team that works with students with a learning difficulty or disability. CVC also has a Student Services team that does great work to provide support for parents and students to better manage the challenges of High School.  There are also many other initiatives to suit a range of student interests including the Chess Club, Circus Troupe,  Bush Rangers Cadets, Book Club, Media Club, Robotics Group and the 90+ Club, not to mention all the after-hours sporting teams that the students can participate in.

During term 1 on 3rd March, Year 12’s had their ball which from all accounts was a great success. The students also commemorated ANZAC day with a moving service.  As a Councillor with the City of Gosnells this means a great deal to me and it is comforting to know our College acknowledges this event. I am very enthusiastic about this great learning space and I look forward to another busy and successful year as CVC Board Chairman.

David Goode
CVC Board Chairman  

David Goode

Purposeful Academic Classes for Excelling Students (PACES) 

It’s with great pleasure to congratulate seven of our Year 12 students who have been selected to participate in the prestigious Department of Education, Pathways and Transitions Branch, Purposeful Academic Classes for Excelling Students (PACES) Program for 2017.  The PACES program aims to provide students with course specific guidance from experienced Department of Education teachers to enhance their performance as our most talented public schools students.  Students are selected to participate in the program based on their outstanding results in a specific course in Year 11.  Through the PACES program, students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a series of course specific tutorials developed to extend their understanding of the course content, prepare them for both school and WACE examinations, and maximise their academic achievement.  

Well done to the following students who have gained successful entry into the PACES program!

Mrs Wendy Qasem
Academic Excellence Co-ordinator


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Year 10 students visit the Career Expo


On May 16th 120 Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend the annual Perth Careers Expo held at the Perth Convention Centre.   The excursion was organized in conjunction with the Society and Environment learning area, and complemented  the Year 10 ‘Career’s Week’ program running in Society and Environment classes,  which aims to guide our students toward their chosen pathway in Senior School and beyond. This coincides with the Year 11 subject selection and counselling process that all Year 10 students will be involved in.  


The excursion was a great success as our students were exceptionally well behaved and polite and were able to use the Expo to gain valuable information into their future career path.  Thank you to Mr Sanderson, Mr Jones, Mrs Pratt and Mrs Qasem, who were very mobile and made sure the students were always in sight amongst the thousands of students in attendance.


We hope this Expo has helped some of our students to think about the opportunities available to them, and to encourage them to work hard to achieve their goals. Jackie D’Sylva – Careers Advisor